Nanoscience, Nanotechnology & Nanomedicine

The Advanced Topics in Physics was taught for the first time in 2017/18 to final year students. The 15-credit module was run over the academic year. During a recent Institute of Physics (IoP) accreditation the module was highly commended for its innovations, content and student feedback.

Our aim was to expose final year students to a wide variety of physics-related content delivered by world-class experts in selected topics of industrial and academic relevance. In addition, we wanted students to experience what it is like working in top research institutes, NHS and industry.

The large spectrum of topics enabled us to innovate in assessment as well by asking the students to create blog posts and/or vlogs targeting a non-specialist audience for each topic being delivered; thus preparing them to communicate their work to a variety of audiences.

Diverse, innovative and rigorous content was created and delivered by top technical experts…

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