Centre for Computational Physics

Date: Wednesday 24th of February 2021, 13:30.
Location: Online (MS Teams meeting).

‘Silicon anodes for high capacity next generation lithium-ion batteries’

by Mr Hatem Amli,  PhD student at the School of Mathematics and Physics, University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK.


The potential for transforming lithium-ion batteries and the capabilities of future transport vehicles is a huge one given that the capacity of the battery is key in determining the range the vehicle can travel to prior to charging. Lithium ion battery technology is a promising field for the present time and the next few decades. Its value lies in 100s of millions of portable devices, EV and other form of energy storage systems dependant on this technology. Alternative materials such as silicon are being investigated to be part of the lithium ion battery anode composition. That is due to its high capacity compared to other materials such…

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